Pedrotti grain dryers can be of two main kinds: PTO machines and Electric machines

PTO grain dryers are driven by the PTO shaft of a tractor, which provides the power to activate the augers systems and the electricity to run the control panel. These models can run only in manual mode, and they need a working tractor in front of them along with the operator.

An Electric grain dryer is a machine that mounts on board three independent main electric motors (Central auger, loading auger, fan system) so that the machine uses only the minimum power required, activating the components just during their phase and not during all the batch. It’s functioning depends on the electric supply line. Even if your farm is in a location where electricity is not always stable, it is possible to use electric dryers fitted with a power pack generator (see Options menu) for emergency cases.

If the machine has not to move often as in the case of contractors, we always advise to choose an electric dryer.

The reason is that electric dryers have less mechanics than the PTO ones (mechanics always means that there are more possibilities of breakage through the years) and furthermore they can be automatic dryers and run on their own, without the constant presence of an operator. A PTO machine instead needs always a working tractor along with the operator during all the loading, drying, and cooling phases.

It is also a considerable advantage that electric machines can even host touchscreens and 4.0 protocols, with direct remote assistance from our HQ offices and remote viewing from all your tablets smartphones and electronic devices. They can be matched to silo plants and rule multiple elevators, transporters, silo fans and timings of all the stocking line, becoming the real arms and brains of the farms. They can also provide you with real-time emails or SMS on the functioning of your Pedrotti, with consumptions records and data of all the drying season, producing when needed a file on USB drive, ready to be used in Excel or the calculation software used inside your farm.  It also can be updated with the last releases from our website. For all these options, check the Options menu on our website.

If the machine has not to move often as in the case of contractors, we always advise choosing an electric dryer.