The new Pedrotti Eco Chimney is a new concept device created to save oil from 8% up to 20% in our dryers provided with heat exchangers, accordingly to the environmental conditions.

The exhaust fumes are free to evacuate from the top part of the chimney, while the dispersed heat is in an optimal part taken by the two ways spiral heat exchanger surrounding the hot chimney.

The Eco chimney provides both natural insulation to the hot chimney and pre-heated clean air that returns inside the cylinder of the machine, completely free of costs, aiding the drying process.

Save oil up to 20%.

The free-heat caught around the chimney reduces the oil consumption accordingly to temperature gained by the preheated air, which usually is similar to the drying air temperature inside the machine as in the examples below:

Air temperature setting 95°C
Temp. gained from the Eco Chimney 90/100°C
Air temperature setting 120°C
Temp. gained from the Eco Chimney 110/125°C


This PEDROTTI ECO CHIMNEY model is suitable also to fit on used and old Pedrotti dryers; the only necessary condition is the presence of a heat exchanger inside the chamber funnel.