We only manufacture the Pedrotti diesel burners in our factory to be able to control each passage during their assembling and test phases. To have the perfect heating device for the different needings of the final customers, we produce two different models, with different powers and fuel consumptions. Depending on the dryer model and on the kind of crops to be dried in fact, there are specific power requirements to be fulfilled.

Furthermore, our burners are the only heating source that we couple with our inox heat exchangers, forming a unique perfectly calibrated heating device.

After many years we consider this as the best solution, in our experience, to dry crops with diesel.


The PLC unit enables our burners to work from minimum to maximum delivery fully automatically until complete switch off and renewed automatic switching on, if necessary. This system makes it possible to use the dryer with different products requiring varying and very different drying temperatures, without needing to replace or even regulate the burner nozzles. This operation is generally considered difficult and critical by those using grain dryers.

When burners are progressive, the operator has only to set the drying air temperature on the control panel for the crop that he wants to dry.

The PLC unit also has two high safety standards: a STAND-BY level (+5° C Over Target Setting) and an OVERHEATING level (+10°C O.T.S.) to avoid accidental damages to the crop, and even its fire ignition that has always been one of the most dangerous cases in the drying process.