Today our factory stands on an area of 20.000 square meters divided into working sectors: manufacturing, painting, electric finishing, storage, and shipping areas that you can check on the interactive image below. The offices and commercial area are in the southern part of the property. It includes a vast green area.

The location is the same as it was in the beginnings, where the first building ware raised up around 1950. During the decades the area and the buildings increased in numbers and construction safety. Nowadays our plant can produce more than 250 dryers per year.


  • Outer and inner perforated screens in stainless steel AISI 430.
  • Heavy duty chassis and general mechanics.
  • Bearings and support of top quality range (SKF)
  • High performing fans in reversed blade design ensuring low noise level.
  • entral recirculation auger reinforced along the sections more submitted to wearing.
  • Outer pipes of the augers in large thickness and treated with hot dip galvanization offering a  long resistance to abrasion.
  • Electric motors and their control devices oversized.
  • Insulation and protection of the electric boxes, safety and control devices protected in grade IP 65
  • Multiple safety systems with permanent communication between all sensors and control devices.
  • Electric cables and wirings protected by reinforced sheaths in high grade of insulation against squashing and corrosion
  • Operating software under control of  a PLC unit of last generation.