The LARGE range consists of powerful and reliable models which ensure daily output varying from 85 to 135 t, according to the product to dry.

They are recommended for medium-sized farms that intend to carry out the drying process directly and to keep the quality of their products under control. Furthermore, all of these models, when bought equipped with automatic function, may be inserted in non-stop drying cycles thus allowing the most modern farms to optimize their production.

All the dryers included in the LARGE range have a very fast loading that, together with the fan and the high performing burner, guarantee the best performance. At present, the models included in this range are still the most sold and appreciated, and they perfectly represent the production philosophy of the Pedrotti brand: power and efficiency, solidity and durability, balance and safety.


ModelHeightHeight working positionWidthTotal lenght working (rest)Power req. Kw (PTO drive HP)Batch capacity maize A.W.0,70Daily Output avg.
LARGE 2004,856,803,358,20 (6,85)35 kW (80 HP)28,5 mc. 20 ton.100
LARGE 2404,857,303,358,20 (6,85)35 kW (80 HP)34 mc. 24 ton.120
LARGE 2704,857,503,358,20 (6,85)35 kW (80 HP)38 mc. 26 ton.135
LARGE 3004,858,503,358,20 (6,85)45 kW (90 HP)40 mc. 30 ton.150


The Pedrotti Grain Dryers are extremely versatile machines, fully self-contained. They need not any outer mechanical equipment, and any building works. They also operate with the subsequent batches system and continuous recirculation of the crop, a system which ensures a perfect uniformity of the crop at the end of drying.


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