We have chosen to meet our customers’ requirements in need of completing drying processes carried out in enclosed environments which are to be kept completely clean.
That is the reason why we conceived our Pedrotti TwinSkin range.

The models belonging to this range are enclosed within a total casing which assures unparalleled cleanliness of the location.
Twin Skin dryers can suck and channel all the dust produced by both the drying cycle and the cereal cleaning onto a prearranged storage area.

It is the ideal choice for plants to be installed indoors. Moreover, in a situation in which agriculture must more and more conform with the needs of the near urban centers, the total casing of Twin Skin models allows minimizing the inconveniences caused by the volatility of the dust and waste produced during drying processes.


The Pedrotti Grain Dryers are extremely versatile machines, fully self-contained. They need not any outer mechanical equipment, and any building works. They also operate with the subsequent batches system and continuous recirculation of the crop, a system which ensures a perfect uniformity of the crop at the end of drying.


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