We are proud to say that our grain dryers, when fitted with our compact heat exchangers (see options menu) or natural gas burners, have been recognized perfect for the drying of organic seeds for cosmetics and pharmaceutical purposes. A new market has grown up at an astonishing speed in the last years, basing on lab extraction of active substances from agricultural products.

Labs from all the world constantly require crops such as oats, grapevine seeds, pomegranate seeds, hemp seeds and many others due to their rare biochemical properties. As an example, the Chinese market is constantly buying from Europe grapevine seeds from 8% to 10% moisture level, which is required to ship inside containers via sea. One liter of their organic oil can cost up to €100.

The reason for this high price is that they contain a high percentage of polyphenols that are the premium quality anti/age substances available in cosmetical products. Along with polyphenols, anti/oxidants, rare vitamins, natural antiseptics and many other precious substances are available in crops that passed through a high-quality drying process. If the drying process is not precise, no substances will be available in the products, since they are very easy to burn or ruin with unstable temperatures and combustion residue.

Perfectly cleansed grains for human consumption, sprouting, cosmetics and pharma labs