The SUPER range is the best selling product in the history of Pedrotti Dryers. In the course of time, we have manufactured, tested and delivered more than 4,000 machines that are part of this range, both in Italy and all over the world. This result, which represents for us a reason for satisfaction and pride, demonstrates by itself how the SUPER range has been highly valued by our customers who continue to appreciate its features to date.

The SUPER range shares range the ideal sizes for ensuring easy transport and reduced space requirements. Furthermore, they are telescopic and equipped with retractable screens and central screw conveyor which can fold down to be transported. What makes them different is the size of the equipment such as screws, fan, and burner which are all upgraded and highly efficient.

The higher level of performance in the output offered by the SUPER range, as well as the possibility to fold all the models during transport, make it especially suitable for those customers providing outsourcing services, who consequently need to move frequently. This range allows maximizing the productivity of the dryer even in case of products that are particularly “difficult” to treat such as soybean and very wet corn.


ModelHeight trans. pos.Height working positionWidthTotal lenght working (rest)Power req. Kw (PTO drive HP)Batch capacity maize A.W.0,70Daily Output avg.
SUPER 1004,106,002,57,70 (5,05)23 kW (65 HP)10 ton45
SUPER 1204,106,502,57,70 (5,05)23 kW (65 HP)12 ton50
SUPER 1604,207,5037,75 (5,45)30 kW (70 HP)16 ton70
SUPER 2004,207,5038,23 (5,94)30 kW (70 HP)20 ton75


The Pedrotti Grain Dryers are extremely versatile machines, fully self-contained. They need not any outer mechanical equipment, and any building works. They also operate with the subsequent batches system and continuous recirculation of the crop, a system which ensures a perfect uniformity of the crop at the end of drying.


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