Pedrotti Essiccatoi has installed hundreds of rice drying plants, in Italy and abroad. Although our core product, the transportable dryer with grain recirculation, was originally designed for corn, we have successfully adapted it for perfect drying of rice, a grain which requires a high level of care throughout the process, lower drying temperatures and longer times.

We have achieved amazing results! We now offer a full range of machines designed specifically for drying rice, able to guarantee outstanding yield, uniform drying and unprecedented crop cleaning.

Our Rice Series Dryers use lower-powered engines to reduce electricity consumption during the drying process, a range of internal mixers specifically designed for this grain, and a crop cleaning system which functions continuously and simultaneously, from the start to the end of the process.

These machines are also a high-performance choice for drying paddy seed, with excellent results in terms of the germination rate of the dried product.


ModelHeightHeight working positionWidthTotal lenght working (rest)Power req. Kw (PTO drive HP)Batch capacity maize A.W.0,70Daily Output avg.
BASIC 140N/A6.052.507.90 (5.50)30 kW (65 HP)19 mc. 11.5 ton.23
BASIC 170N/A6.752.507.90 (5.50)30 kW (65 HP)23.5 mc. 14 ton.28
LARGE 240N/A7.403.308.20 (5.75)45 kW (80 HP)34 mc. 20.5 ton.40
LARGE 270N/A7.903.308.20 (5.75)45 kW (85 HP)38 mc. 23 ton.45
LARGE 300N/A8.403.308.20 (5.75)45 kW (90 HP)40 mc. 24 ton.50
XL 400N/A8.903,359.20 (7.20)55 kW (120 HP)54 mc. 32 ton.65
XL 500N/A9.704.009.50 (7.50)70 kW (120 HP)75 mc. 45 ton.90


The Pedrotti Grain Dryers are extremely versatile machines, fully self-contained. They need not any outer mechanical equipment, and any building works. They also operate with the subsequent batches system and continuous recirculation of the crop, a system which ensures a perfect uniformity of the crop at the end of drying.


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