The XL range is made up of models which can satisfy the needs of modern, dynamic and large-size farms. They are powerful and reliable and offer a daily output greater than 200 t.

Their dimensions make the XL models more suitable to be placed in fix working stations, to be the real brain of the completely computerized drying cycles; they can reach the top level as far as efficiency and quality are concerned. The wide range of optional accessories designed and offered by Pedrotti brand also makes these giants highly customizable to be able to meet the more specific needs and requirements. The final product at the end of the drying cycle reaches a premium level, even for products like delicate paddy rice!

XL 320, XLM 350, XL 400, XL 420 and XL 500 are requested and sold more and more in Italy and all over the world, for drying any cereals or oily seeds. These models spell out our most recent successes, our big mechanical tradition and the future ambitions of Pedrotti brand which has been the drying leader for more than 50 years.

ModelHeight trans. pos.Height working positionWidthTotal lenght working (rest)Power req. Kw (PTO drive HP)Batch capacity maize A.W.0,70Daily Output avg.
XL 320N/A6,804,009,20 (7,20)70 kW (120 HP)32150
XML 3505.408,704,009,60 (8,80)70 kW (130HP)32150
XL 400N/A8,904,009,20 (7,20)70 kW (120 HP)40170
XL 420N/A9,304,009,20 (7,20)70 kW (120 HP)42180
XL 500N/A9,804,509,50 (7,50)90 kW (40 HP)55190


The Pedrotti Grain Dryers are extremely versatile machines, fully self-contained. They need not any outer mechanical equipment, and any building works. They also operate with the subsequent batches system and continuous recirculation of the crop, a system which ensures a perfect uniformity of the crop at the end of drying.


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