Our grain dryers have been matched to cooling and storage facilities since the seventies. During the decades the efficiency of our plants improved constantly until nowadays. Now we can join the dryer to cooling silos, elevators, storage silos and bagging devices in a single project, allowing to program the settings and rule everything directly from the dryer’s touch screen.

UP TO THE Multiple dryers PLANTS OF 40 Tons/Hour

From EU to Russia, Asia, Africa and South America, in sixty years we have sold thousands of machines, from the very small ones up to big plants with multiple automatic grain dryers connected with silos, elevators, discharging and stocking systems.
The plant can be controlled by a single Pedrotti PLC and each project is realized with top quality materials and Hi-Tech, customized and tailor-made solutions, different for each customer’s needs.
Customers care and teleassistance are some of our points of pride.

Having multiple Pedrotti dryers in a plant instead of a single continuous flow dryer is a solution that gives many advantages:

  1. All the components are completely automatized up to an infinite number of batches
  2. The consumption of the plant is directly related to the real seasonal output, timings and quantities are modular
  3. The Pedrotti batch grain dryers give the best possible result in cleaningness, uniformity of the drying process and of the moisture level in all the crops.
  4. You need just one touch to change the settings from a kind of crop to another one with our pre-compiled crops section in the control panel, and with the Pedrotti progressive burners you don’t need even to change the noozles or regulate anything on the dryer.
Single Dryers Plant
Single Dryers Plant
3 Dryers Plant + Cooling Silos
3 Dryers Plant + Cooling Silos