Each Pedrotti Dryer can be equipped with optional features that can optimize its performances, increase its comfort significantly and simplifies its use and the quality of the machine itself.
Also, the base versions are equipped with all the necessary to use the machine so that you do not need any external device or equipment.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Cardan shafts, including that of the tractor
  • Fuel tank with a filter both on replenishment and on extraction line
  • Loading screw conveyor with dump hopper and lifting winch
  • Unloading chute movable on each side of the machine
  • Outer greasing points reachable without moving the protections
  • Perforated inner and outer walls made of stainless steel, with perforations of different diameter (no overpriced)
  • Frames shaped and manufactured with U type calendered steel, that consents the longest duration possible for steel frames
  • Nuts and bolts to fix perforated panels made of stainless steel (inox)
  • Nuts and bolts for general galvanized assemblage
  • Centrifugal ventilator with reverse blades with a low level of noise
  • Frame and mechanical parts subjected to wearing effects protected by a galvanizing coat
  • Forced gravity cleaner with a set of interchangeable riddles with vary perforations
  • Gas oil burner with two or three stages with automatic control
  • Digital thermostat for the automatic control of the drying temperature and the temperature of the grain, with automatic intervention in the case of overheating
  • Electric panels assembled into boxes with the highest protection level IP 65
  • Electric generator (on PTO machines)
  • Road lights on all PTO machines
  • Single electric independent motors for each function (only electric drive machines)
  • Automatic stop of the burner when the drying process ends
  • Top level sensor for automatic stop of loading (only electric drive machines)
  • Automatic stop of the unloading (only electric drive machines)
  • Automatic stop of the machine after the cooling cycle (only electric drive machines)