This sensor continuously detects the humidity rate of the cereal loaded in the dryer. The sensor is applied to the external wall and in the vertical section of the dryer.

The data collected concerning the humidity rate is visible on a display equipped with a digital reading system mounted on the control panel of the dryer. The value detected can be corrected automatically “upward” or “downward” according to the data collected by directly measuring the cereal itself using a traditional humidity meter which the customer is sure of working well and correctly.

The display can be connected directly to the burner to be able to switch off, once the final humidity desired is achieved. This system makes it possible to view and to understand at any time how the drying process is proceeding and overcoming the problems resulting from the control of the final humidity on the basis of the level of temperature achieved by the cereal. The instrument is programmed to read and survey the humidity of 6 different types of crops. 

The system is available not only on new machines, but also as a kit for previously manufactured machines, both with electric drive or with power take-off from a tractor.